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Peak Performance Teams Up with 3 Other Companies to Launch Affinitiv, the New Powerhouse in Automotive Customer Engagement Marketing

Peak Performance, the trusted authority in automotive customer engagement, is proud to announce its merger with three other automotive leaders to create a powerful new company: Affinitiv. Combining decades of automotive expertise and a client list beyond compare — Acura, Audi, BMW, Kia, Lexus, Mini, Porsche, and Volkswagen — to name a few.

The new company, Affinitiv, combines four industry leaders — Peak Performance, Dealer Product Services (DPS), OneCommand, and Affinitiv will offer a unique combination of predictive analytics, integrated technology, and in-field experts helping OEMs and dealers make informed decisions to retain customers, build loyalty, and drive sales. In a world of piecemeal solutions, siloed communications, and a sea of vendors, Affinitiv will cut through the marketing technology quagmire to put dealers and OEMs in control of a unified comprehensive customer journey.

With the merger, more than 20 OEMs and over 5,500 dealers will enjoy the largest field sales and support team in the industry, and an unequaled end-to-end solution in connected multi-channel marketing.

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First Place Most OEM Partnerships of any Owner Engagement program

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Over 2M communications sent monthly

The PEAK Winter Holiday Campaign was very successful – I even received a Christmas card from a client thanking me for the great service and the card we sent with a discount offer. It must have made a great impression!


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