Aftersales Marketing Program

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Successful Customer Retention

The Situation

Volvo enlisted PEAK to create a multi-channel customer retention program that would leverage the cost effectiveness of email as the primary delivery channel. The email initiative would be augmented with targeted mail communications to optimize customer touchpoints. Volvo wanted the program to not just produce outstanding response rates, but be cost-effective for Volvo retailers as well.

PEAK’s Solution

Peak Performance designed a customizable program that gave Volvo retailers the flexibility to implement a variety of program options, including non-responder communications at critical defection points. PEAK also created the opportunity for Volvo retailers to gather more email addresses and enhance their database while continuing to mail communications to customers without available email information.

The Result

The program was a resounding success. Volvo retailers enjoyed an average increase in ROI of 37.3% over the course of a three-month study. Retailers loved the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of the program, and customers appreciated the follow-up communications.

Volvo retailers enjoyed a 37.3% average ROI increase over a three-month study.