Brand-Specific Campaigns

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Rising to the Challenge

The Situation

An OEM came to PEAK with a challenge: build a successful CRM service program that is at once affordable to dealers and true to the brand. The program’s design and messaging would need to mirror the brand’s philosophy of thinking outside the box, yet be customized for dealers’ unique customer contacts. What’s more, the program would have to assist with returning more customers and be scalable as the brand continues to grow.

PEAK’s Solution

PEAK worked from the ground up, starting with the identification of specific communication touchpoints that would be most effective for these customers. After reviewing the data, PEAK determined that a program with a combination of print and email would work best. PEAK then worked with the OEM’s ad agency to develop materials that were brand-approved, unique and completely implementable without incurring additional customization charges.

The Result

80% of the OEM’s dealers now use this very effective program and have reported a high level of satisfaction with its results. The OEM continues to look to PEAK for solutions that use our strong field team to drive initiatives while considering the unique needs at the dealer level.

80% of the OEM's dealers now use the program and report a high level of satisfaction.