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PLUS, the “always-on” behavorial
marketing solution


The way customers shop for everything has changed. Dealerships know they need to capture customers while they are researching a purchase online, before a decision is made. PEAK developed a program that would leverage buyer detection tools for both sales and service, enabling dealerships to capture and track their customers’ online behavior. A communication cadence was developed by PEAK that was geared toward targeting customers who ranked highest in shopping intensity. By utilizing these buyer detection techniques, PEAK helped dealerships convert customers shopping online for vehicles, desired accessories or needed services between scheduled maintenance intervals.


PEAK assembled a highly motivated development team to create PLUS, an “always-on” behavioral marketing solution. Powered by Outsell Fuel™, the solution utilized enriched predictive analytics and customer monitoring capability to help dealerships identify when owners and prospects were shopping online for a new or pre-owned vehicle, a needed service or desired accessory. Predictive analytics like statistics, modeling and data mining are used to analyze current and historical customer data to develop models to predict likely preferences, future events and next actions. Sounds complicated, right? Well in fact the solution was incredibly easy. Peak delivered a “set it and forget it” solution that fully automated the delivery of analytically targeted campaigns on behalf of the dealership to in-market customers. PLUS required virtually no action on the dealership’s part to remain “always-on” and continuously generate new leads.


10 dealerships in just 5 months achieved these impressive results with the PLUS program:
129 New Vehicles Sold for an additional $1.7 Million in gross profit
51 Used Vehicles Sold for an additional $454,000 in gross profit
3841 RO’s with an additional $2.7 Million in Customer Pay Service Revenue
by engaging customers between their standard service interval
• Average ROI $150 : $1

The PLUS program enabled dealerships to monitor every customer’s shopping intensity and then reach out to potential buyers at exactly the right time through a series of automated and highly targeted messages. Additionally, PLUS enabled service departments to increase revenue by identifying and targeting owners who had service needs between their scheduled service intervals. Based on this intelligence, dealers were able to accurately identify, retain and convert more leads.