Custom Reporting Tools

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Building The Tools For Success

The Situation

An industry-leading OEM desired a Business Intelligence tool that provided immediate access to all the data elements being collected from dealers’ DMS systems. The system required a logical layout simple enough for any employee to use, with “canned” reports available at the click of a button, as well as the ability to easily develop new ad hoc reports on the fly. All report results needed to be available in virtual “real time.”

PEAK’s Solution

PEAK customized the existing BI tool to provide tremendous flexibility when manipulating the data by time and throughout the corporate hierarchy (e.g., from the corporate level to regional areas and all the way to an individual dealer). The tool enables PEAK to quickly compare any combination of data elements to any other combination of elements, giving far greater visibility than the client imagined possible.

The Result

With extraordinary flexibility and accurate, real-time reporting, PEAK is now able to provide multiple reports quickly and easily. Even better, the client can access this data from any computer and run various scenarios or subsets in moments. One immediate effect: sales of parts have been steadily increasing due to strategic decisions made as a result of this reporting.

The new Business Intelligence tool has driven strategic decisions resulting in increased parts sales.