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Region-Specific Campaigns

The Situation

In the face of declining U.S. auto sales, one of our OEM partners wanted to increase parts and service revenue while enhancing customer retention. Persuading inactive customers to return to the dealership for recommended services represented a prime opportunity for enhanced business at the dealer level.

PEAK’s Solution

Peak Performance strategized, designed and produced customer-focused campaigns with highly targeted offers based on four different geographic regions of the country. Each campaign was customized to the unique requirements of the region, taking into account such factors as the weather.

The Results

After approximately 50,000 customers were sent a targeted communication, the average response rate across all the regions was an impressive 7.5%. More than $2.1 million in customer revenue was generated as a result of the campaign. Most importantly, more than 3,700 customers were reactivated, and many continue to be a source of repeat business.

The campaign produced $2.1 million in revenue and reactivated 3,700 customers.