Leads/Buyer Detection Tools

Introducing PLUS, The “always-on” behavioral marketing solution that increases sales, service and parts revenue through automated, targeted communications.

Close more sales

by identifying which owners and prospects are shopping online

Sell More Service & Parts

by following your owners online

Improve loyalty

by reaching out to existing owners immediately when they are determined to be in-market

Capture lost leads

by knowing which prospects are still shopping online and then re-engaging them with relevant messaging

Write more RO’s

by identifying and targeting owners that have service needs between their regular maintenance intervals PEAKPLUSGraphic PLUS offers dealerships the most robust customer engagement platform available in the industry. Powered by Outsell Fuel™, the solution utilizes enriched analytics and customer monitoring capability to help dealerships identify when owners and prospects are shopping online for a new or pre-owned vehicle, a needed service or desired accessory. PLUS enables dealers to monitor every customer’s shopping intensity and then reach out to potential buyers at exactly the right time through a series of automated and highly targeted messages. PLUS arms your sales team with the information they need to focus their efforts on those customers deepest in the buying process, so they can tailor their sales approach, and close more deals. Now available for Porsche, Volvo and Lexus dealerships. PLUS_img2 Coming soon for other OEMs.


Our dealers consistently reach 7x more in-market shoppers with greater precision and relevance.

Easy-To-Use: Set it and Forget it

Getting set up is a snap with our dedicated teams that help your sales team get the maximum possible benefit from the platform and ongoing consultation from our field.


Tracks the online shopping activity of your owners and prospects 24/7, constantly reacting to new data. No extra effort required.

Priced Right

 PLUS is an affordable solution with a low, fixed monthly participation fee.


For more information, contact your Account Executive or call Peak Performance at 800-888-0024.