RCI Certified


PRESS RELEASE: Calabasas, CA – March 7, 2016

Automotive innovator, Peak Performance, has completed the certification process in the Reynolds Certified Interface (RCI) Program for the Reynolds ERA® dealership management system (DMS). The certification helps ensure, safe, secure, and reliable data exchange from the Reynolds ERA® DMS to PEAK’S state-of-the-art suite of omni-channel customer retention products and services including new SmartCapture, SmartTarget, Declined Services, WinBack and PEAK Service Insights.

“PEAK is proud to be an RCI-certified vendor. This certification will allow PEAK to power its cutting-edge products with data that will ensure the right message reaches the right customer at the right time to create an enhanced and seamless customer journey,” said Steven Gray, Chief Revenue Officer at PEAK.

For 25 years PEAK has been offering automotive dealers and their OEM partners’ powerful, highly effective solutions for sales and service revenue growth, while building loyalty and engaging customers throughout their vehicle lifecycles.

About Peak Performance

Since 1991, PEAK’s innovative solutions have been maximizing customer engagement with powerful, data-driven marketing solutions for OEMs and dealerships. Uniting advanced technologies with a personalized approach, PEAK consistently delivers stellar results for its clients. Known in the industry as the trusted authority in customer engagement, PEAK’s state-of-the-art, omni-channel products and services have made PEAK the partner of choice for numerous OEMs and thousands of automobile dealers nationwide. To learn more about Peak Performance visit www.gotopeak.com.

For further information, please contact Lauren Rheaume at lrheaume@gotopeak.com or 818-725-2227.