As early as next year, Volvo has plans to send new vehicle purchasers an app on their smartphones instead of handing over the car keys. It’s a bold move by Volvo, who has become increasingly interested in technological advances in car-connectivity, vehicle sharing and autonomous driving.

I know what you’re thinking… If my smartphone is stolen, can they also steal my car? Yes, Volvo has taken this query into account and is working on extra layers of protection before making the app available. Since most people have password protected phones, Volvo believes this is actually safer than if you were to lose your keys or have them stolen.

The other query often asked is, what if my battery dies. What then? The simple answer is find a charging station or carry a wireless battery pack. There are plans to have a call-in help desk, but of course, you’d have to borrow a phone to get in touch. Volvo feels strongly that the tech-savvy consumer is already well-prepared. Also, just to be clear, if you would like a set of car keys, you will still be able to get them when you purchase a vehicle.

On the plus side, Volvo is excited about what the app can do for vehicle owners. Volvo owners will be able to send a virtual key to a friend or family member to borrow the car. They are also thinking of the day when owners will be able to rent a car without having to stand in line at the checkout counter. A virtual key could be sent to your phone with GPS directions of where the car is parked.

As with all things new, it will take some time to get used to, and before long we probably won’t remember ever having car keys.
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